Ubuntu 18.04 on Windows 10 – like native Linux

In 2017, Microsoft announced the release of a Linux subsystem for Windows 10. Soon after, the first apps – like Ubuntu 18.04 – were available in the Microsoft Store.
Since I deal with Linux systems every day, I dared to try to download the Ubuntu 18.04 app from the Microsoft Store. This was done in a very short time and I could successfully register in Ubuntu as an app within a few minutes.

Meanwhile the integration is really good. It is completely sufficient for the daily work on administrative tasks in the Linux area. It actually feels like a native Linux.
You can very well access the local drives, OneDrive or whatever to use the familiar processes for data storage and exchange.
Therefore I recommend all Linux Guru’s to have a look at these Apps and the subsystem.

Is there already someone who has experience with it? I look forward to your feedback!

Author: Patrick

I am Patrick Riedl, and as you can see I am totally Microsoft enthusiastic. Through my work as a Cloud Architect and with my background in IT- & information-security, I always try to be ahead of the times. I hope to give back some knowledge to the online community with this website and I am always looking forward to feedback!

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